--- Comment #2 from Jeremias Maerki <> 2010-08-20 03:46:59 
EDT ---
Peter, I've taken a look at your patch. I found that I get an IOException when
referencing the page segment "s1islogo.psg" that comes with IBM AFP Workbench: Malformed AFP resource with name 's1islogo':    No Begin
structured field

I have the impression that the method AFPResourceUtil.findStart() may not be
ideal to parse an MO:DCA file. I haven't investigated more closely why the
above file fails, but stepping through findStart() feels a bit weird in terms
of how that method looks for the requested resource. Some time ago I started a
rudimentary AFP parser I used to dump the Type 1 data from an outline font, or
to simply dump the basic structure of an AFP file. I could include that in FOP
and we build from there. It allows to return an object for each structured
field encountered. A generic MO:DCA parser would also allow future
functionality that involves parsing an AFP file. WDYT?

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