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Hi Glenn/Jeremias,

I've already implemented in my complex scripts work, so it will make it into trunk in due time. However, I think I'll leave the default setting as it is for the time being. Users can explicitly enable it via their config. We can take up the issue of whether to change the default at a future time.

I do not like the idea of changing the default value of Kerning from off to on. The reason being that users who decide to upgrade their FOP version will suddenly find the appearance of their documents changing. Better to let users who are unsatisfied with the default inter character spacing to go and enable kerning than force users to regression test every document to make sure the changes to appearance is acceptable.




On Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 10:07 PM, Jeremias Maerki < <>> wrote:

    I think that is for historical reasons. When this was implemented (I
    think it was me) I guess we didn't want to change the layout behaviour
    for existing users. For a long time, kerning for base 14 fonts was not

    You're right: this setting doesn't seem to be tied into the
    FontManagerConfigurator. It would be great if you added that.

    That said, I'm not sure if enabling that would be so bad. I guess I'm
    not opposed to it.

    On 06.09.2010 07:58:41 Glenn Adams wrote:
     > Is there a reason that kerning of the base 14 fonts is disabled
    by default?
     > Furthermore, except by programmatic means, there does not seem to
    be a way
     > to enable it except by using
    FontManager.setBase14KerningEnabled() or the
     > deprecated method FopFactory.setBase14KerningEnabled(). This
    technique is
     > used to enable it during testing in one test case:
     > layoutengine/standard-testcases/kerning_1_on.xml, by means of
    special code
     > in org.apache.fop.layoutengine.TestEnvironment.
     > However, there appears no way for a user to enable it via
     > means. To support this (which I need in testing the new
    generalized position
     > adjustments for text drawing), I'm adding a base14-kerning
    element to be
     > placed in the top-level fop element in the FOP configuration
    file, e.g.,
     > <fop>
     >   ...
     >   <base14-kerning>true</base14-kerning>
     >   ...
     > </fop>
     > The rationale for making this a child of the top-level fop
    element is that
     > the enable/disable state is presently maintained in the singleton
     > FontManager instance, which is configured (in
    FontManagerConfigurator) from
     > other top-level children of the fop element.
     > For consistency, it my be better to enable base14 kerning by
    default, then
     > allow a user to disable it using the above mechanism. However, I
    have not
     > made this latter change (yet).
     > Comments?
     > G.

    Jeremias Maerki

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