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> A few additional thoughts and observations around this topic:
> I noticed you're using Java2D for the borders in AFP output. I've always tried
> to reuse code from the Java2D renderer in AFP or PCL. Maybe you can move some
> of that code over to the Java2D renderer and then reuse the code from there in
> AFP. That way, we'd get the implementation for Java2D-based formats, too, and
> for PCL relatively cheaply.
I will investigate this when I attempt to refactor the border/background
> BTW, I noticed that border painting in Java2D-based formats seem to have been
> broken by the patch: the border areas are too big. So far I haven't been able
> to figure out where that happened.
I will check this out when too.

> Do you already have plans on how to handle table borders?
Not yet.  I was hoping to investigate in some depth what xsl:fo has to say
about tables but my current deadlines with this work did not permit this.  I
need to develop my understanding before I appreciate how rounded borders should
> Is the innerBackgroundColor parameter really necessary? I notice it's only 
> used
> for AFP. 
I considered it a temporary measure to get the current hack working.
>Did you do that so it is included in the bitmap generated for the
> borders? In that case, the background image would also be required if you want
> to cover the whole functionality. But I wonder if the background really must 
> be
> part of that bitmap. As long as the bitmap is painted in a transparent way, 
> the
> normal background painting would not be erased.
I was under the impression that transparent images were not supported in AFP? 
If I have this wrong then this would be a far better solution. 

> Would you mind listing the remaining issues on the Wiki so we can track
> progress and problems?
I will do this as soon as I have a little time to revisit rounded corners

Thanks for all your time setting up the branch and analysing the patch!

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