Hi Calixte,

Could you please describe the steps and attach any files required to
replicate this bug independently of your plugin.
If you are unable to do that and you think the bug may be in the
plugin integration mechanism, we will require installation
instructions for the fop plugin to proceed (maybe we jist need to add
a jar but please let us  know- it was not clear from the link).



On Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 8:28 PM, Calixte Denizet
<cali...@contrib.scilab.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I wrote a FOP plugin to handle LaTeX notation in FO document. I use a
> class which extends AbstractImageConverter and with a target flavor
> equals to ImageFlavor.GRAPHICS2D. All is ok when I convert a .fo into a
> pdf or ps, but I met problems when I tryed to convert into png: the
> latex images are not drawn...
> I have no problems with fop 0.95 (I just retryed and all is ok), it is
> only with fop 1.0 and the trunk version.
> My loaders and converters can be found here:
> http://forge.scilab.org/index.php/p/jlatexmath/source/tree/master/plugin/fop/src/org/scilab/forge/jlatexmath/fop/image/loader
> Any ideas ?
> Calixte

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