Are you using embedded code?

If it helps, I had issues with the PrintRenderer, so I ended up using
the PDFRenderer, getting the output from the transform in a
ByteArrayOutputStream, passing that output to pdfbox, and printing with
the standard Java print classes.

I also found there is a change to rendering the font from 0.95 to 1.0.
I don't know if that change broke something, or if there's something
broken in my code which is producing the output I want but is actually
incorrect output and they fixed that, so that might be my problem..

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--- Comment #23 from Imad Daou <> 2010-11-04
18:17:31 EDT --- Dear all,

I was using FOP for more than 1 year and it's a great tool for printing
and creating PDF files and now I have problem printing ARABIC Text.

I downloaded and tested the FO-PDF converted and it rendered the text
correctly, but this does not fix my problem since I was using the
PrintRenderer to directly print an FO file.

My question is, when can I expect a new patch or release of FOP with
Arabic print-rendering support.

Best regards,
Imad Daou

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