--- Comment #25 from Glenn Adams <> 2010-11-05 11:16:24 EDT ---
I cannot determine from your email whether you are using this new patch or not.
In any case, only the IF, AT, and PDF renderers are presently supported by this
patch, and I do not have a schedule for when the remaining renderers will be


(In reply to comment #23)
> Dear all,
> I was using FOP for more than 1 year and it's a great tool for printing and
> creating PDF files and now I have problem printing ARABIC Text.
> I downloaded and tested the FO-PDF converted and it rendered the text
> correctly, but this does not fix my problem since I was using the 
> PrintRenderer
> to directly print an FO file.
> My question is, when can I expect a new patch or release of FOP with Arabic
> print-rendering support.
> Best regards,
> Imad Daou

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