Hi Jeremias,

> Sorry for the late feedback. I don't see anything wrong with the paint
> sequences you show here. These are basic painting operations. And I
> assume they work perfectly when viewed in Acrobat Reader or GhostScript.

Yes, and printed fine with a PS print driver.

> Out of experience, I can say that the PCL printer drivers of Microsoft
> origin have had problems for years (not just with FOP/Acrobat but also
> with MS Word and other tools). And each time the equivalent PostScript
> driver was used, the problem went away (see fop-users archive, too).

Thanks for pointing this out to me!

> To a certain degree, you can play with the driver settings. In many cases,
> I saw that the PCL driver rasterizes full pages rather than using text
> operator. Not sure if that's part of the problem.

The documents producedmay be distribution electronically to the end
customer and we will not have control over their printing setup.

> In the end, I'm unclear how one should be able to find out why one
> snippet below works and the other doesn't. The only real difference is
> the 90° rotation in the second example. But I can't imagine that such a
> basic operation should cause the problem. If it does, that driver is

I have been able to print examples of rounded borders that contain
these rotation commands.

> simply buggy and it doesn't make sense to go through hoops to try to work
> around the bug. And I can't imagine that two decimal digits more or less
> will cause any such problem.

I agree.

> Have you tried printing the PDF from GhostScript/GhostView to the PCL
> printer? Or from another PDF viewer? Does the same problem occur? Have

I have printed successfully to the printer using GhostScript, not
however, with a PCL print driver
> you tried enabling "Print as Bitmap" in Acrobat (found in the printing
> dialog under "Advanced")?

That worked fine for me too.

I am continually leaning to the conclusion that the PCL print driver
is at fault but I do have doubts since SVG's describing complex curves
seem to be transformed to PDF commands that survive the PCL driver.
And since I have had some success printing rounded corners I would
really like to know what difference is causing the problem.

Oh well, perhaps this is one of those problems that will be solved
when we find simpler examples of passes and fails.

Thanks for taking the time to consider the problem.


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