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Thanks a lot for your response. 

Actually we came across some special characters which are not intended to be
present in our database. We can figure out the reasons for this corruption and
correct but then I do expect FOP to display whatever content is available.
Whatever may be the character, till it is a valid code-point (even though it is
reserved and do not have any representation of its own) I do not expect FOP to
crash due to it.

At least there should be some configuration available to the end user to tell
FOP to use some default line break in such special cases it becomes specific to
the customer who is using FOP. Just because of some special character the
entire PDF generation should not be put in stake. Isn't it ? If given a choice
to the customer to choose from set of options, to get rid of this situation
then it is better, rather than crashing.

Frankly speaking, we lost the hope of getting some response on this issue from
Apache. We searched for this problem in google and we have seen many other guys
complaining about similar issue (i.e. getting ArrayIndexOutofBoundsException).
I believe they also might be having some reserved character in their text. We
at least nailed down the cause of the problem. A proper resolution to this
issue is of great help, not only to me but many others. 

Thanks again for looking into it and discussing about it in the forum.

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