That seems odd, to include information for fonts which are never used.
I'll just ignore that then.  It just seemed like that would be putting a
lot into the jar which will never be needed.  I'm running in webstart,
referencing fop.jar in the jnlp, so anything in the jar has to be copied
to the client.

My next task is print preview.  I'm using custom windows and embedding
org.apache.fop.render.awt.viewer.PreviewPanel.  That works except I have
to create it with a useragent and a renderer which takes forever.  I'm
wondering if I can use a version of this class without a useragent or a
renderer.  If I can pass in a rendered document as an array of pages as
images instead of a renderable object, can I still do the scale
resizing?  Other than the zoom in the preview there's no reason I need a
renderable object here.  I'm keeping a copy of the renderable source on
the server while displaying the preview.  Sending the output to a
printer or generating a PDF can be done on the server.  I'm saving the
PDF to the client but I'm getting the output from FOP as the byte stream
so I just copy bytes to the client and save them.  The renderer,
transformer, etc should never have to exist on the client.

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On 07.01.2011 15:06:19 Eric Douglas wrote:
> I've been trying to see if I can modify the source to eliminate the 
> fonts that come packaged with it.  I'm not sure why it needs to 
> include Courier, Helvetica, etc.

The PDF specification requires support for the so-called Base 14 fonts.
And so does the PostScript spec. We don't actually include the fonts,
just the font metrics. So this hardly needs any space.

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