On 15 Feb 2011, at 19:21, Glenn Adams wrote:

> Please fix the 2 new checkstyle warnings and 9 new findbug errors in trunk. 
> In the future, please check and fix before committing.

People, when are we going to vote Glenn a committer, so we can answer with 
three simple words/letters... DIY ;-) Just kidding, Glenn. Again, I appreciate 
the vigilance, but I simply refuse to clean up /everything/. 
If it's one I introduced, definitely no problem. Also no problem with 
rectifying mere style errors, but no one is ever going to learn from Findbugs' 
bad practice warnings unless they fix them themselves.

Checkstyle has been taken care of. For the findbug errors, can the respective 
committer(s) please take a look? Seems like it will not be too much work, but 
would be much appreciated. Thanks!



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