On 18 Feb 2011, at 15:18, Vincent Hennebert wrote:

>> Please, do not revert other committers' changes. Discuss them if you
>> have objections.
> Well I believe I already do that, don’t I?
> In this case the change had no relation to the commit message, and was
> actually reverting what I did in rev. 1035610. That’s what made me think
> that it really was an accidental change and that there would be no
> problem with me fixing it.

Sorry, my bad. I noticed the change too, but did not look closely enough... 
I agree that the abbreviated identifiers are way too cryptic, and using the 
full name is much better.

The reason I left it in, was that it was also a correction:  
buf.append("...").append(str) is generally considered better practice than 
buf.append("..." + str).



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