Glad to hear that Alex. Perhaps I can tweak my code to restore Copy/Paste
support in PDF; however, there may be some difficulty with bidirectional
text due to reordering of glyphs, and with Indic text due to fine-grain
reorderings and N-M char/glyph mappings.

Also, note that 'salt' and 'ss01' through 'ss20' should be off by default. I
plan to add an extension mechanism to permit the author to enable optional
features, which will handle this usage.

Finally, be aware that I post patches to Temp_ComplexScripts irregularly. My
day-to-day dev work, however, can be found in the following public GIT
repo: git://


On Sat, Mar 5, 2011 at 9:37 PM, Alex Zepeda <> wrote:

> So I applied my patch to the complex scripts branch and tweaked it a bit
> (mainly to read the CFF bits in before mapping the unmapped unicode alt
> glyphs).  All is mostly well but two things occurred to me:
> 1.) I added 'salt' to the list of features to look at.  For some reason
> this got all the characters I wanted (namely 'a' and '@', but not any of the
> numbers).  Very odd.  Even if I just add ss01, fop will pick up the rest of
> ss01 but not the numbers.
> 2.) Glyph substitution with unmapped characters breaks copy and paste.
>  Using a differences table instead will, IIRC, allow copy and paste to work…
> but makes it more difficult to apply alternate glyphs at-will… altho as-is
> the substitution only works globally.
> OTOH I've gotten two of the biggest features I wanted out of fop, so,
> thanks for your work.
> - alex

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