I am using Fop 1.0.
I tried using Fop to transform a single document.  When I got a little
over 100 pages my FO file was over 5 MB.  The transform crashed with a
Java heap out of memory error.
I managed to break the input down, as I'm using embedded code generating
the input programmatically, and the PDF output is a lot smaller.
So I'm currently transforming 10 pages at a time, setting the
initial-page-number to the next sequence (1, 11, 21, etc).
Then I save all the generated PDFs in memory and merge them using
pdfbox.  So far this is working great.

I tried to do the same thing with the PNGRenderer, just calling a method
to transform 10 pages at a time and save the output images in an array.
The PNGRenderer is created locally in the method.  It should be getting
released when the method ends but the java process never releases any
I tested a 90 page report and the memory use was over 1 GB.  I tested on
another machine where the memory limit is apparently lower and it
crashed on page 24.
Everything about the method to render to PNG is the same as the method
to render to PDF aside from the Renderer.
Is there a problem with this renderer or something I could need to do

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