On 22/08/2011 21:57, Eric Douglas wrote:

Hi Eric,

When I transform XSLFO with FOP I can send the output to PDF or AWT and text looks sharp. I'm trying to use the same fonts to generate graphics directly since I'm programmatically generating the input to my FOP process and I don't actually need the XSLFO process.

If you know the position of all your text in advance and don't need XSL-FO, then FOP seems like the wrong tool for the job. Why not use iText, which has an API for creating PDF?

I know exactly what text I want to print, what size I want it, and exactly where I want it on the page. I tried putting the text on an image and putting the image on a Swing panel and it always comes out fuzzy. It's even fuzzier if I try to save that image to a file or send it to a printer.

I tried using the FOP classes for loading the font, using the Java2DGraphicsState, FontInfo, and FontMetricsMapper objects to generate the text. It's always rendered blurry. What could I be missing?


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