On 23/01/2012 22:41, J.Pietschmann wrote:
Hi Mehdi!

Hi Joerg, Mehdi,

Am 23.01.2012 17:15, schrieb me...@apache.org:
This breaks the public API but for good reasons:
Good reasons or not, there are a few guidelines when it comes
to changing public interfaces:
- There has to be a discussion of the change. Alternatively,
   open a bugzilla ticket and provide reasons and the proposed
   solution/patch for inspection (yes, even committers should
   do that)
- It's good practice to call a vote after the pros and cons
   of the change have been laid out.
- It's also good practice to deprecate functionality which is
   going to be removed, in order to maintain compatibility for
   at least one release cycle and give users time to adapt.
Please revert the commit.

I agree this should have been discussed before it was committed. Mehdi has now reverted the change and put the changes into a patch. Most of the Java code in FOP has a public modifier, but that in my view does not mean it is part of the public API for embedding FOP. I think we need a clearer definition of what is part of the public API and what is not and we should document this.




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