--- Comment #4 from Santanu Dutta <> 2012-02-09 06:59:07 UTC 
I do not agree with the fact that this is subject to device capabilities
instead it is because of the FOP itself.

I could consider that in the testcase I've used «0.1pt», and that might be too
narrow width for printers, but that could be changed to 0.5pt/1pt/1px, but
still the problem persists(only with FOP generated PDF, not with XEP output).

I also do not agree that both PDF files(FOP & XEP output), are viewed same at
greater zooming(200% or more). But I somhow agree that, it could be said that
«border-width problem is inversely proportional to the zooming factor, more the
zooming less is the problem». Though same border-width value have been used
throughout the "" file but, on viewers (Acrobat v7.0, v9.0 & v10.0,
Foxit Reader, Nuance PDF) the differences are well seen.

By changing border-width(lesser or much), this issue is not going to fix. 

There might be situations where A3 size paper could be printed in A4 paper with
lesser zooming. In this case this output is really very bad(as the case of

Moreover, I've also noticed that, if the border-style is set to «inset/outset»
the left and right borders seems good, but goes wrong if the border-style has
been set to «solid».

I am trying to figure-out any patch(es) that could fix the issue, but by then
my humble request to developers, testers and users is that kindly look into
this issue and suggest if you have also faced this kind of problem.

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