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--- Comment #5 from Pascal Sancho <> 2012-02-09 09:47:05 
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I tried your XSL-FO against FOP 1.0 and trunk
I tried to display both your XEP and FOP attachments.
I use Adobe viewer 9.

What I get depends mainly on Adobe viewer configuration:
when disabling all display options:
FOP output gives me expected result (all borders have same width)
XEP output gives wrong result on:
 - table left-border (double width)
 - cells R5C2 & R5C5 bottom-border (double width)
 - 4th col right-border (double width)

When enabling 2D acceleration, in both cases (XEP and FOP) borders appears
thinner than previous test.
In both cases also: displayed border width depend on adjacent cell content:
XEP: horizontal borders are affected
FOP: vertical borders are affected

When printing, output depend on border width (0.1pt, 1pt) and printer
300dpi give bad result (missing some borders with both FOP & XEP), while
1200dpi give expected result (with 1pt border, not tried with XEP)

I've not tried XEP with 1pt, but I'm sure it will be OK.

So, from what I can see, results are device dependant.

It is difficult to figure what you get without further details, and more
appropriate test case:
0.1pt is definitively to small (even with a 1200dpi printer, a border may be
displayed with a width of 1 or 2 dips, depending where it start).
A more precise description will be welcome, too.

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