Hi Craig,

Just out of curiosity, what issues are you having with the
pdf-image-plugin? I spent quite a lot of time with it and submitted a
patch to Jeremias (not sure if he's committed it). Maybe we could help
you there? We've also got some commits lying around that we're not
happy with per-se because they sacrifice rendered fidelity for file
size that may help you.

Let us know what you've done and what you're trying to do in a new
thread and I'll let you know if we can help.


On 28 February 2012 00:39, Craig Ringer <ring...@ringerc.id.au> wrote:
> On 27/02/2012 8:08 PM, Vincent Hennebert wrote:
>> We would like to implement PDF Object Streams as defined in the PDF 1.5
>> Reference. In short, the structure tree would be stored inside a stream
>> to allow for compression in the same way as the page content.
> What's the status of object stream support in PDFBox? Is it possible the
> feature is bettern implemented by adopting a PDFBox based backend?
> There's been long term planning talk of moving over to PDFBox as the
> underlying PDF support library. It'd massively simplify work with PDF-in-PDF
> embedding, reduce maintenance work, etc. Is it worth doing major enhancement
> work on fop's pdf library if it may go away in future?
> I'm struggling with getting fop and pdfbox to play well together at the
> moment as I work on enhancing fop-pdf-image to merge duplicate font subsets.
> The use of two different pdf libraries makes fop-pdf-image much more complex
> and makes working with fonts a lot harder. I'm sure it's not the only area
> where a pdfbox-based backend might be good.
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> Craig Ringer

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