in the prior CS patch commit [1], two minor improvements were made to
build.xml [2], which I'd like to communicate to the group:

*junit output formatting*

(1) added definition of properties to control junit output formatting:

   - junit.printsummary (defaults to off)
   - junit.formatter.brief (defaults to on)

the defaults produce the same output as was previously the case; however,
if you override these in you file, then you can
reduce the console output; i set these properties in my file to:

junit.printsummary = on
junit.formatter.brief = off

which produces just the right amount for me; note that the full output is
still produced under build/test-reports/*.{txt,xml};

see the documentation at [3] for more info on the printsummary parameter
and the 'brief' formatter;

*local targets import*

(2) local targets can be defined in an optional file
build-local.targets.xml, using the ant import task [4];


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