We're thinking of submitting a proposal or two to the Google Summer of
Code project and wanted to get some input from the community on ideas.
Once we've got a few proposals I'll create a wiki page and put all the
ideas on there, but for now I just wanted to gauge interest.

In terms of mentoring, I'm happy to be a mentor and I've registered as
one and if any other committers fancy the job, do register, the more
the merrier. The deadline is 9th March, so that doesn't give us long
to bounce around ideas, but here are a few I was thinking:

- There have been recent discussions between Jeremias, myself and
others about extracting the Fonts packages into their own library. I
think this would be a great idea for a project because essentially it
only involves a few, well defined specifications (TTF, Type1 etc) and
doesn't expose the person to too much complexity. The way I'd suggest
this to be done, is by re-writing rather than porting, that way it
gives the person much more flexibility and also the current code would
give them good tips and tricks on how to deal with parsing fonts.

- TTF in AFP. I know we still have the TrueTypeInPostScript branch
flying around, and however much I'd like to fob that onto someone
else, I don't think it's fair to do so. I have no idea how long this
project would take, but I think FOP could really benefit from it.
Currently we're forcing users to use AFP fonts for AFP documents, a
lot of which are archaic and use EBCDIC, for those of you who haven't
been exposed to EBCDIC, count yourself lucky.

There may be something to do with PCL?? I'm not at all familiar with
the format, but I do remember discussions about upgrading to a newer
PCL standard? I'd be happy to acquaint myself with the format if
there's interest in the idea.

Hopefully we can get a proposal together in time.


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