Haha, well the shortest answer I can give is "kinda".

SVG uses Batik, which in turn uses the AWT font classes. Long story
short, you have to install the font on the system as well as having it
in the fop.xconf. There are plenty of discussions on this on the
mailing lists for you to peruse at your leisure.


On 8 March 2012 02:17, Craig Ringer <ring...@ringerc.id.au> wrote:
> On 08/03/12 04:12, Vincent Hennebert wrote:
>> Just my 2 cents on a particular detail...
>> On 07/03/12 07:51, Craig Ringer wrote:
>>> On 06/03/12 18:49, mehdi houshmand wrote:
>> <snip/>
>>>> So with that in mind, what exactly are you trying to do? Why are you
>>>> using FOP to merge PDFs?
>>> I'm using FOP to produce documents containing a mixture of automatically
>>> typeset formatted text and graphics. Many of the graphics are PDF
>>> documents, and need to be PDF documents because they contain vector
>>> artwork and text that would lose quality and grow massively in size if
>>> embedded in rasterised form.
>> Is SVG an option for you? That might save you a lot of trouble. Or if
>> not readily available, that might still be less work.
> Alas, SVG isn't an option. We have a large body of work already in PDF
> (and EPS) format that we can't easily convert to SVG.
> Until I checked just now I didn't know that SVG even supported embedded
> fonts. Does fop actually support that and include embedded SVG fonts in
> output PDF?
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