On 03/08/2012 01:25 PM, mehdi houshmand wrote:
Haha, well the shortest answer I can give is "kinda".

SVG uses Batik, which in turn uses the AWT font classes. Long story
short, you have to install the font on the system as well as having it
in the fop.xconf. There are plenty of discussions on this on the
mailing lists for you to peruse at your leisure.

Thanks. For my purposes, that's a no, since I need to support any embedded font whether or not I have access to a complete copy.

BTW, I've modified PDFBox's Overlay.java application to support translation, scaling and rotation of the overlay. Once I've cleaned up the resource renaming code I'll be able to plug the approach into fop-pdf-image - hopefully with few hassles. fop-pdf-image already contains most of the pdfbox-to-fop adapter code required.

This won't help with the duplicate fonts (and thus won't help with file size) but it might help with the RIP crashes. Here's hoping.

See the PDFBox-dev mailing list for the Overlay.java patch.

Craig Ringer

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