Ok, so 4 people have explicitly voted and there were one +0 and three
+1. Nobody having objected, and applying lazy consensus, I assume that
all the committers are ok with the change and I will proceed to merge
the branch back to trunk shortly.


On 21/03/12 15:40, Vincent Hennebert wrote:
> Hi All,
> I’ve just uploaded our work on PDF object streams. If accessibility is
> enabled and PDF version 1.5 has been selected in the config file, then
> the structure tree will be stored in object streams. Support for
> cross-reference streams (a successor of the cross-reference table that
> appeared in 1.5) has been implemented in order to be able to address
> objects stored in object streams.
> The amount of space saved can be substantial, as much as 70% on
> a 20-page document.
> The changes are relatively localized and mostly affect the PDF packages.
> While there are significant refactorings, there is not a lot of new
> code. Therefore I’m inclined to handle this using lazy consensus; So if
> nobody objects within 72 hours, I’ll merge the branch back to trunk.
> Side note for those using the PDF Images plug-in: once the branch has
> been merged, the plug-in will have to be modified so that PDF objects do
> not output the obj/endobj wrapper themselves if they are indirect. This
> concerns the PDFBoolean and PDFString classes in
> o.a.f.render.pdf.pdfbox. Also, AbstractPDFStream now uses composition
> rather than inheritance for its dictionary, which requires changes to
> PDFBoxAdapter. Once the PDF Images plug-in has been moved under the
> umbrella of the XML Graphics project, we will upload the necessary
> changes.
> Thanks,
> Vincent

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