On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 6:59 AM, Chris Bowditch

> Thanks for explaining. Based on the above I agree keeping xdocs seems
> overkill. I'm happy to move to markdown if that is the best alternative.
> Are there any options?

Agreed that removing forrest dependency is desirable. However, presumably
the current xdocs would need to be converted to MD, in which case someone
will need to construct an XSLT to do so. That begs the question of whether
it would be necessary (at this time) to convert the source format to MD, or
if an additional step in the CMS based process could merely perform that
step automatically. If so, then it should not be necessary to change the
authoring format at this time. It could be done as a separate step later.

What I don't know yet is what we will lose from the conversion to MD in
terms of ability to markup our source docs. Clearly, MD is not as
semantically or syntactically rich as an XML based source. But do we lose
anything of consequence? I don't know yet.

One thing we may lose if we don't convert to MD is the ability to use CMS
in-page editing. So that is a consideration. Perhaps that option is
sufficient to justify other potential negatives in converting.


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