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Hi Glenn, 

Sorry not understand your requested fonts clearly. Is there any software/tools
to check the fonts supported the 'cmap' you mentioned?
I tried Microsoft Font Properties extension tools
to check if i got fonts that suit, but it didn't involve the cmap properties.

Thomas T.

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> (In reply to comment #25)
> Great that finally searched some related
> information about support non-BMP
> characters issue with FOP, & also wanna
> to know if it is due to FOP, & that
> problem quite annoying if my APPL
> should finally go ahead for deploy with
> FOP @production.
> Join thread
> to hear gd news.
> TY

don't jump to the conclusion that anything has
> changed in FOP: it hasn't!

also, keep in mind that adding support for
> non-BMP characters in FOP is only a part of the solution; the larger part of
> the solution is outside of the scope of FOP, namely, the availability of
> OpenType or TrueType fonts that contain a 'cmap' table that satisfies one of
> the following:

* platform ID 0 (unicode), encoding ID 3 (unicode 2.0 or
> later),
  format 10.0 (trimmed array)

* platform ID 0 (unicode), encoding
> ID 3 (unicode 2.0 or later),
  format 12.0 (segmented coverage)

* platform
> ID 3 (windows), encoding ID 10 (ucs-4),
  format 12.0 (segmented coverage) 
> so far, nobody has provide me a link to or a copy of such a font, and, until
> i have such a font in hand, i'm not going to take any action with respect to
> this bug

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