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> Let me insist on that one. The inconsistency is actually introduced by
> Fop classes. Before the merge there were 14 classes having FOP in their
> names, vs 6 having Fop. Also, the product name is FOP, not Fop, and that
> should be reflected in the class names.
> I still don't agree, it's not about the number of classes but rather the 
> importance and location of those classes; FopFactory.java, Fop.java. If you 
> feel very strongly about it, feel free to change it, I won't oppose it, but 
> when someone thinks "wtf!!! Why are there so many different ways to write 
> FOP!?!?!" and they do an svn blame, I don't want my name anywhere near it.

I agree with Mehdi. Besides the importance of the classes using Fop*, a quote 
from the Joshua's Bloch Effective Java, 2nd edition:

"Which class name would you rather see, HTTPURL or HttpUrl ? "

BTW, congratulations for this work, it will definitely help me.

Alexios Giotis

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