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Thanks, some progress made. I just realized that FOP 1.1 doesn't use a config
file by default. In my FOP 0.95 installation I had (long ago) added

-c "%LOCAL_FOP_HOME%conf/fop.xconf"

When I add this to my FOP 1.1 installation, Acrobat reader no longer displays
an error message. However, for the image to be rendered,
I need to take additional steps:

- In the FOP 0.95 config file, I had commented out <base>.</base> after
observing it prevented URLs being resolved relative to the FO file
  (our images are usually stored relative to the FO file). But doing the same
in the FOP 1.1 config file doesn't help. Has anything changed here?
  What configuration is required for an image URL to be resolved relative to
the FO file?

- Since I currently can't get relative URLs to work, I tried an absolute URL.
FOP 1.1 seems to be stricter about URL syntax than FOP 0.95.
  E.g. FOP 0.95 accepts url(C:\Temp\Boxes.svg), but with FOP 1.1 I need to
write url(file:///C:/Temp/Boxes.svg). Has anything changed here?

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