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(In reply to comment #10)
> Thanks, some progress made. I just realized that FOP 1.1 doesn't use a
> config file by default. In my FOP 0.95 installation I had (long ago) added
> -c "%LOCAL_FOP_HOME%conf/fop.xconf"
> When I add this to my FOP 1.1 installation, Acrobat reader no longer
> displays an error message. However, for the image to be rendered,
> I need to take additional steps:
> - In the FOP 0.95 config file, I had commented out <base>.</base> after
> observing it prevented URLs being resolved relative to the FO file
>   (our images are usually stored relative to the FO file). But doing the
> same in the FOP 1.1 config file doesn't help. Has anything changed here?
>   What configuration is required for an image URL to be resolved relative to
> the FO file?
> - Since I currently can't get relative URLs to work, I tried an absolute
> URL. FOP 1.1 seems to be stricter about URL syntax than FOP 0.95.
>   E.g. FOP 0.95 accepts url(C:\Temp\Boxes.svg), but with FOP 1.1 I need to
> write url(file:///C:/Temp/Boxes.svg). Has anything changed here?

the discussion becomes now off topic here, and should be continued on fop-user
That said, "C:\Temp\Boxes.svg" is not a regular URL; FOP aims to be compliant
with all used standards, this ensure to be more consistant.

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