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Please provide the following:

* input FO file (not XSLT/XML files)
* output PDF file
* version of FOP you are using
* any console output from FOP

Also, note that you should not specify script="thai" or language="dflt", as
doing so may prevent application of correct GSUB/GPOS tables (assuming you are
using FOP1.1rc1 or current trunk).

Also, note that [1] does not yet list thai as supported (by the recent complex
scripts addition). In fact, the GSUB/GPOS features of thai fonts will be
enabled if you do not specify script or specify script="auto" and if you do not
specify language; however, line breaking does not yet take into account
legitimate thai break candidates, and I have not yet tested thai to my
satisfaction, so I did not list thai as supported yet.

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