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> The first 3 lines of generated PDF from you give a near correct look.
> The problem is at character 26, Mai-Ek.
> It ship too far to the left.

I understand. I will investigate this further.

> I have few questions regarding to your output.
> I changed my fo:block element removing all attribute except font-family.
> My result is different from what you got.
> It is look similar to the second line in first jpg attachment.
> Why the different ?

That's hard to say. I am using FOP1.1rc1 and Version 5.0 of the AngsanaUPC font
(from Windows 7). If you are using different versions, then that could cause
the difference.

> Another question is whether the "dflt" shall be loaded when specific
> language is given ?
> Most Thai fonts gsub/gpos information use "dflt" language and "thai" script.
> Please correct me if i'm wrong. Per
>, my
> understanding is when the "th" language is missing from font info, it shall
> fall back to "dflt".

The current implementation in FOP will use 'dflt' for the OT Language lookup if
the value of the language attribute is not specified or is specified as an
empty string. Similarly, it will use 'thai' for the OT Script lookup if the
dominant characters are Thai, the script attribute is not specified, is
specified as the empty string, as 'auto', or as 'thai'.

If 'th' or 'TH' is specified as the language, then presumably it should also
produce a successful lookup. However, this will depend on whether the font
designer/creator provides an OT lookup for language = 'th'|'TH' and script =
'thai'. Taking a look at AngsanaUPC (using the Adobe TTX tool), I see that the
GSUB table only lists the default language system, and does not include 'TH',
so that would explain why specifying language='TH' results in no lookup.

      <!-- ScriptCount=1 -->
      <ScriptRecord index="0">
        <ScriptTag value="thai"/>
            <ReqFeatureIndex value="65535"/>
            <!-- FeatureCount=1 -->
            <FeatureIndex index="0" value="0"/>
          <!-- LangSysCount=0 -->

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