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In PDF 1.5 spec, TH seems exist as a workaround to the limitation of the html
table model, from witch the tagged PDF table-model seems to be inspired.
As I said, such table model describe a stacked rows structure, and there is no
mechanism to describe alternative structure, where 1st column can be handled as
Note that the "TH" scope value could be determined from the "grandfather" of
the fo:table-cell (table-header), and/or, if implemented, the nature of the
corresponding column or column group (header/footer column-group).
IMHO, there is no need to use a table-cell role attribute for that.
Personally, I don't use tagged PDF, but sometimes I'm facing to the lake of
"vertical" headers in FO table model, and I think that here, the End-user need
is having such feature, rather than an html/TH-like tweak, breaking the table
And your schema illustrates perfectly what I say ;)
*all* "row headers" are in the same column...
And you have a cell header for each row, so with a cell implementation, you
have to repeat the action on each row, while with a column implementation, you
repeat it only once.

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