--- Comment #2 from Eduard Tibet <> ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> I think we should probably remove (instead of repairing as suggested) the
> section that talks about metric generation as that was deprecated since
> v0.95.

2Chris: Maybe I don't fully understand the metrics files generation feature. If
I'm wrong in some point, let me know this point.

IMHO removing this feature would be not a good solution. The fonts auto
discover works well, but it really used in small desktop or special configured
environments. If someone had very strict fonts requirement based on license
agreements, external despondencies, etc., he really need this feature.

I.e. in my own environment the fonts/metrics are hardly linked to glyphs (fonts
files) and metrics using config file. I'll never be use autodiscover, because
it leads to unpredictable results on final output.

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