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> Hi Edward,
> Thanks for your response. You don't need to create metric files to register
> the fonts manually in the fop.xconf file. The fonts topic definitely needs
> work as it does appear to imply the metrics generation step is necessary,
> but if you read [1] You will see the following note stating metrics files
> are not needed:
> •The "metrics-url" attribute is generally not necessary except if you run
> into problems with certain fonts.
> Thanks,
> Chris
> [1]

Yes, you are right, but I also talked about these notes:

"Font registration via XML font metrics file is still supported and may still
be necessary for _some very special cases_ as fallback variant while we
stabilize font auto-detection." [1]


"The "metrics-url" attribute is generally not necessary _except if you run into
problems_ with certain fonts." [2]

Nobody knows where the problems appears. But, anyway, my opinion is only FOP
user opinion. You, as a FOP dev, certainly know more about FOP architecture.


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