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On 19/12/2012 17:14, Pascal Sancho wrote:

Jira comes with
  - a new field [Type] that didn't exist in Bugzilla, with following entries:
" Bug", "New feature", "Improvement", "Wish", "Task", and "Test".
  - the opportunity to create sub-tasks.

I propose the following usage:

"Bug": a bug report, and only that

"New feature" and "Improvement":
  - contributor patch (rather than add "[patch]" in summary),
  - committer contribution

Thanks for raising this. Its true Jira has a whole host of extras that we aren't used to, but in my view, FOP is quite a straight forward project with simple requirements, so most of the extra features aren't needed in my view.

Patches exist for bugs as well as enhancements, so to classify a Jira issue as New feature or improvement when a patch is associated seems misleading to me, especially when the patch exists to fix a bug.

"Wish": new feature request
There are too many types that simply mean "Enhancement"; Wish, New Feature and Improvement could all be rolled into 1 in my view. It's true they are subtley different, but as committers do we really need to capture that information?

"Task": team process (like release).

When a contributor proposes a patch to fix a bug, he should create a
sub-task (type "Improvement") rather than change the summary and the
type of the issue.
So, bug discussion and patch comments will be in separate tasks.

I agree with Glenn on this. It just seems like adding complexity for complexity sake. Those features are more useful in a commercial development environment where Managers like to conduct sprint reviews of tasks and see the work broken down for better estimation and work sharing. I don't think this applies in open source development as bugs/improvements are usually tackled by individuals and I suggest that we lock these features down to prevent the public creating them.




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