On 20/06/13 15:56, sdridi wrote:
> Glenn Adams-2 wrote
>> I would suggest you not just read code but run it with Eclipse or NetBeans
>> to trace the execution process. That is one of the best ways to learn
>> actual code behavior.
> Yes of course, debugging is my only way to break FOP mystery
> Glenn Adams-2 wrote
>> Maybe that somebody is you! :)
> That would be an honor, but not before I master how FOP works

You don’t need to master FOP to write documentation. Doing it may
actually help you to refine your understanding of the code because it
forces you to write down what is in your mind, which you’ll find out is
not always as clear as you thought.

After that exercise you will not only have a better understanding of the
code, you will also have made a welcome contribution to the project. We
can always correct any mistake that may creep in.

> Back to my main topic of discussion, if anyone can shed some light on FOP
> layout engine, I'd be very grateful.


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