I am looking to add Postscript Radial and Axial shading patterns to FOP. The 
class to change to allow this is PSGraphics2D and PSTilingPattern which exists 
in the XGC project. This wouldn't be a problem except that to modify the code 
to handle these new patterns I would need to create a reference to Batik from 
XGC. This is because Radial and Axial calls are made using Batik classes such 
as RadialGradientPaint. 

Having looked at the XGC code it seems that both classes to be modified are not 
needed specifically in XGC and therefore to avoid having to create a reference 
to Batik, I am planning on moving them to FOP. If you have any concerns with 
this move, please feel free to let me know. If I don't hear anything back on 
this then I'll assume lazy consensus and go ahead with the move. I'll post a 
patch a week before I apply it.


Robert Meyer

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