Lennart Johansson commented on FOP-2044:

I am very greatful for the updates which have solved most hyphenation problems.
It is amazing how good FOP works.

But I found still 11 long words that "fop-trunk Jan 1, 2014" can not handle and 
we have trouble with, due to autogenerated XML, where it is difficult to use 
FOP issues WARNING: messages for those listed below and there are overflows in 

QUEST: Is it possible to do something about these, with the help of our test 
       even though this issue FOP-2044 has been set to "resolved"?

Most of these seem to be of the same nature as what is discussed above in
the 27/Jan/13 00:36 comment. There are only one or two characters overflow or
in some cases less than a character. This is fatal when overflowing the text in
the next column in a table, even though a similar small overflow is OK if
it only overflows into the right page edge.
A few others seem different.

The first remaining problem is similar to what is described above, where there
are very few characters overflowing, just one or two characters or in some
cases even less that a full character.

-1- ip6_ctlun.ip6_un1.ip6_un1_flow            overflows  "ow"

-2- ip6_ctlun.ip6_un1.ip6_un1_plen            overflows  "en"

-3- ip6_ctlun.ip6_un1.ip6_un1_nxt             overflows  "t"

   Comment: ip6_ctlun.ip6_un1.ip6_un1_hlim is CORRECTLY broken at "_h-" "lim" 

-4- EPM_REQUEST_TO_CLEAR_NONEXISTING_BP  overflows tailing "P"
    even though it is hyphenated "EPM_RE-" much too early

    very close to the column right edge, very slightly overflowing.
    Should be hyphenated somewhere

    even though it breaks in one place "PROFILING_PC_S-"
    Should either be hyphenated "later" or "twice", because the remaining
    part is very slightly too long

-7- FOP breaks too early: SCTP_PARTIAL_DELIVERY_EVENT becomes 
           SCT-     followed by
           P_PARTIAL_DELIVERY_EVENT  which overflows into next column

    Comment: A quick-test shows that in case of manually created XML,
    a soft-hyphen &shy can solve SCTP_PARTIAL_DELIVERY_EVENT.

-8- LINX_CM_ETH_EDESTROY_IN_PROGRESS overflows and "also" has a 
    hyphenation break far out inside the overflow area, causing it
    to be displayed as follows. The "ROY_IN_PRO-" is overflowing the
    right column text with unreadable result. This table column is 
    narrower than in the HV_ examples below:
         LINX_CM_ETH_EDESTROY_IN_PRO-   (where ROY_IN_PRO- is overflow)

The second problem is the following three words, which I do
not understand why they are not hyphenated at all?




  Comment: Much longer words are correctly hyphenated in same column, e.g.

A third problem in MINOR, because we can use WORKAROUND with soft-hyphen,
because it only appears in a book where we manually create the XML files:

-12- MINOR: FOP can not break numerical IPv6 addresses with only digits,
     causing overflow into next column.
      ff01:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0101 overflows 0000:0101
         INFO: In this case "XEP" uses denser font to squeeze it in
               if it can, or break it if needed!
      WORKAROUND - we make more space or use zero-width-space &#8203
     Note that soft-hyphen does not work here!

Best Regards and Good Luck / Lennart

> [PATCH] Hyphenation of Uppercase Words, Combined with Underlines
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: FOP-2044
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FOP-2044
>             Project: Fop
>          Issue Type: Improvement
>          Components: general
>    Affects Versions: 1.0
>         Environment: Operating System: All
> Platform: All
>            Reporter: Thomas Schraitle
>            Assignee: Robert Meyer
>             Fix For: trunk
>         Attachments: output.pdf, patch.diff, patch2.diff, 
> uppercase-hyphen.fo, uppercase-hyphen.pdf
> Consider the attached FO file which combines words of lowercase and uppercase 
> letters.
> As it is expected, the word "expected" is hyphenated correctly (example 2). 
> Also the uppercase "SUCCESS". Even combined with underlines before and after 
> the word (see example 4 and 5).
> However, if there is another word (like OCF_SUCCESS) the word isn't 
> hyphenated at all anymore. I don't know if this is an expected behaviour or 
> an issue in the hyphenation patterns. Interestingly, XEP from RenderX 
> hyphenates it as "OCF_SUC-CESS". As far as I know, they use also the TeX 
> hyphenation patterns as FOP.

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