On 07/03/14 12:23, Robert wrote:
Hi All,

About a week ago I posted a patch to add Type 1 subset support to FOP. All referenced 
Type 1 fonts (unless set to embedding-mode="full") will now be subset by 
default much like the behaviour exhibited by TrueType and OpenType. As this is a big 
feature and quite involved I think it is necessary to vote on whether to add this feature 
in it's current state to FOP. I'm not sure if anyone has taken a look at what has gone 
into this or tried it out yet, but it might be worth doing so before making your decision.

I am going to be away for the next week or so but will tally up the votes and 
post the result once I am back.

Here is a link to the patch and issue:


Robert Meyer

From the quick look I had at the patch, I must say that some things are
sources of concern to me:
• The PostScript parser seems to be mixing lexical analysis, syntax
  analysis and interpretation. This makes it hard to follow and I could
  not figure out the meanings of the conditions in the various ‘if’
  statements inside the ‘parse’ method. Also, part of the parsing seems
  to be leaking into Type1SubsetFile. I’m concerned about the robustness
  of the thing. For example, there are unguarded calls to
  Integer.parseInt. How tolerant will that be to malformed font files?
• It seems that Type1SubsetFile tries to infer the mapping of character
  codes to glyph names. That essentially re-does what the mapChar method
  has already done earlier, with probable mismatch between the outputs
  of the two methods. In Type1SubsetFile.readEncoding I see references
  to the WinAnsi encoding, which may have nothing to do at all with the
  font’s own encoding. I suspect this is the source of the exception
  thrown when running the FO I attached to the issue.
• there is a lot of memory allocation. First, the font is entirely
  loaded in memory in Type1SubsetFile.createSubset, then again in
  PFBParser, plus data copied around when creating the subset. Surely
  some of this memory allocation can be avoided. Have you profiled the
  code? How much more slow is it compared to fully embedding the font?

Due to the possible regressions and the potential impact on performance,
I must vote -1 against enabling Type 1 subsetting by default. If Type 1
subsetting is left as an option that can be manually configured by the
user, then I vote +0.


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