On 22/04/14 18:25, Glenn Adams wrote:
Are you satisfied with the level of testing that is included in the patch to
fully cover the new functionality?

Yes, several tests have been added to the layout test suite. Of course,
given the complexity of the layout engine, it’s very hard to be sure
everything is covered.

Also, could you describe where we ended up with as far as user visible
extensions? New elements, attributes (properties)?

Just one new attribute on fo:multi-switch, fox:auto-toggle. At the
moment one value is supported, which is select-first-fitting.



On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 10:11 AM, Vincent Hennebert <vhenneb...@gmail.com
<mailto:vhenneb...@gmail.com>> wrote:


    as you may be aware, Seifeddine Dridi has been working for the past few
    months on an extension to manage the white space available in
    a document. It is based on the fo:multi-switch element and selects the
    first fo:multi-case child that fits on the page. That allows to define
    smaller variants in case there is not enough space left on the page.

    The approach is similar to what is described here:

    All patches, comments and discussions are available in the following
    JIRA issue:

    The code is here:

    It has reached a state where we believe it is ready to be merged to

    This vote will run until Friday, 25th April 16:00 UTC.

    +1 from me.


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