Hi Luis,

thanks for testing this.

I tested with the attached example and the result is not what
I expected. It is also possible that I don't understand what best fit

The value of the option hasn’t been changed yet but it will be when
merging to trunk. Its name will be select-first-fitting, which should
better describe the behaviour of this extension.

I was expecting yellow, yellow, yellow. Instead I get yellow, blue, yellow.
Can you please comment?

The first variant that fits on the page is selected, which is the blue
one in this case.

On 28/04/14 00:38, Luis Bernardo wrote:

Further testing showed that this only seems to work if:
-- the multi-switch element is the last element with content in the page
-- the alternatives are ordered from the largest to the smallest
Since the constraints are not too restrictive,

Depends what you mean by ‘work’. I’d rather call it ‘have an effect’. In
most cases the first variant will be chosen. Another one will be
selected if:
• the multi-switch ends up at the bottom of a page (not necessarily the
  last one),
• there is not enough room left to fit the first variant,
• there is a later variant that is smaller than the first one.

If there is no such variant, then nothing will be rendered.

Does that make sense?



On 4/26/14, 11:49 PM, Luis Bernardo wrote:

On 4/24/14, 11:58 PM, Luis Bernardo wrote:

Vincent, if you hold off tallying the votes till Monday then I will run
some tests before I vote.

On 4/22/14, 5:11 PM, Vincent Hennebert wrote:

as you may be aware, Seifeddine Dridi has been working for the past few
months on an extension to manage the white space available in
a document. It is based on the fo:multi-switch element and selects the
first fo:multi-case child that fits on the page. That allows to define
smaller variants in case there is not enough space left on the page.

The approach is similar to what is described here:

All patches, comments and discussions are available in the following
JIRA issue:

The code is here:

It has reached a state where we believe it is ready to be merged to

This vote will run until Friday, 25th April 16:00 UTC.

+1 from me.


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