On 16/07/14 17:42, Simon Steiner wrote:

I switched fop back to fontbox 1.8, so its only the pdfplugin that uses 2.0 and 
the user would delete 1.8 jar if copying pdfplugin to fop.

Thanks Simon. That’s great because that means that we can start the
release process of FOP as soon as we are ready.



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On 15/07/14 16:53, Clay Leeds wrote:
On Jul 15, 2014, at 7:46 AM, Glenn Adams <gl...@skynav.com> wrote:
I suppose it depends on whether or not we need to hack perl to use the 
facility. If there is any alternative that doesn't use perl, then that would be 

Frankly, I've never been happy with the new MD based documentation, though Clay 
has spent an inordinate amount of time tweaking it.

Yeah... It's not my favorite either, but at least edits are pretty quick, saved 
to SVN and we've got a solution to incorporate javadoc, etc.

In the meantime, please let me know when we're ready to update the
documentation for the Release. It doesn't take me very long to go
through the code to make these types of batch edits.

Clay, your offer to help would be greatly appreciated!

And since you’re mentioning it, maybe it’s time to think about making a new 
release of FOP. Although now that the font merging code has been merged to 
trunk, and introduces a dependency on FontBox 2.0.0, we would have to wait that 
FontBox 2.0.0 is released first. Or adapt the code to keep the former 1.8.5 
dependency (or the newer 1.8.6 released version).

In the meantime, can anybody think of features that should definitely be 
implemented before the release, or bugs fixed? Remember that due to API 
changes, that release will have to be called 2.0.


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