On Jul 15, 2014, at 7:46 AM, Glenn Adams <gl...@skynav.com> wrote:
> I suppose it depends on whether or not we need to hack perl to use the 
> facility. If there is any alternative that doesn't use perl, then that would 
> be preferable.
> Frankly, I've never been happy with the new MD based documentation, though 
> Clay has spent an inordinate amount of time tweaking it.

Yeah... It's not my favorite either, but at least edits are pretty quick, saved 
to SVN and we've got a solution to incorporate javadoc, etc. 

In the meantime, please let me know when we're ready to update the 
documentation for the Release. It doesn't take me very long to go through the 
code to make these types of batch edits. I'm good at this, and who knows, I 
might even spend the time to write some bash script to help us with the 
deployment! (you don't have anything against BASH, do ya Glenn?) :-p) (I think 
that's how to write a smiley with a tongue-in-cheek? :-D)

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