I also think that it’s too early to vote on this. I’m +1 with the idea
of enabling FindBugs in CI with a proper exclude file, but I believe
such a file doesn’t exist yet.

I suggest you provide a list of those bug patterns you would like to
exclude, so that we can discuss which ones are important to use and
which ones are not. Then we can launch the vote.

For now, I must vote -1.


On 04/09/14 15:11, Simon Steiner wrote:

I don’t see how finishing the cleanup affects the vote. Im not aware of what
you are currently working on.


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-1 because I'm not ready for this due to still in progress making findbugs
clean up; you should coordinate in the future when you know someone else is
working on a config change of this sort

On Thu, Sep 4, 2014 at 5:48 AM, Simon Steiner <simonsteiner1...@gmail.com
<mailto:simonsteiner1...@gmail.com>> wrote:


    Vote to fail fop on Jenkins if findbugs 2.0.3 finds a warning. The exclude
    file has been updated so present warning types are excluded therefore more
    controversial warnings are not enabled.

    You would at minimum only maintain exclude file.

    The vote will run for 7 days until 11 Sept.

    Here's my +1


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