Given the fact that fop-pdf-images (including this branch) uses pdfbox 2.0 snapshots while fop trunk uses 1.8.5 (the fontbox jar) I think we need some information on how to test this. I thought that using the recent pdfbox 1.8.8 jars would work but it doesn't seem to be the case. What version of pdfbox jars should we use with fop?

Also, I would like to suggest that if we run two votes in parallel then 5 working days for both votes may not be enough...

On 2/10/15 11:04 AM, Simon Steiner wrote:


Thanasis Giannimaras provided patch to merge Tagged PDF for pdf plugin and small patch for fop.

Known Limitations :

- Only PDF with marked-content sequences in the page content stream are supported. Marked-content sequences in content stream other than the content stream of the page are not supported.

- Repeated headers and footers are not completely supported. Example: 2-page pdf including table that spans both pages with repeated header. If you merge the second page, the table header will be visible in the pdf but the reader will ignore it (same principle applies for repeated footers).

In order to use this feature, accessibility must be enabled in the configuration file and the source pdf must be accessible (tagged).

The vote will last 5 working days, ending next Tuesday.

Here is my vote: +1


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