Hi FOP Users,

I am working on a project that uses Apache FOP and, as part of that
project, need to fix FOP-1969 [1], which has to do with supplementary
character support (surrogate pairs). I have obtained approval to contribute
these changes back to the community. I want to run my design past the list
(and especially Glenn Adams) and ask a few questions before proceeding:

1. Read the CMAP from OpenFont.readCMAP() implementing the case: cmapPID ==
3 && cmapEID == 10 and cmapFormat == 12. This way I could fill correctly
the unicodeMappings List.

 2. Fix the class GLyphMapping to support non-BMP code points (there are
already some TODO in the class for the support of the non-BMP code points)

3. The class GlyphMapping uses the org.apache.fop.fonts.Font class methods
like Font.hasChar(char c), Font.getCharWidth(char c), Font.mapChar(char c)
etc.. since they accept a single char and a surrogate pair is composed by
two chars I will need to modify the Font class as well. I think that we
should add overloaded methods that accept int so that we can pass the code
points. An alternative is to create a different set of method with the
Codepoint suffix: Font.hasCodepoint(int cp), Font.getCodePointWidth(int
cp), Font.mapCodepoint(int cp) etc.

4. The class Font uses the interface Typeface that has the same problem:
methods that accept char. We should either change this interface or one of
its subclasses like MultiByteFont or CIDFont (which denote font with a
large set of code points.

So far my research stopped at this point and before to proceed I would like
some feedback to know whether I'm taking a good direction and If I'm
missing something.

Simone Rondelli

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