Hello Team,
My name is Shashwat Mehta and I am Java developer.
We are working on project which uses XSL-FO reports for PDF reports from
Document objects. Now, we are trying to give support unicode characters in
rports. Here, we found some issues. We are using Document objects to parse
stream to Transformer. Till transformer data is fine and encoded in UTF-8
format. But when we transform from xsl file it generates error that font is
not supported. After some research we found that "Arial Unicode MS" font
supports till Unicode 4.0 code points and the same fonts we were set in
fop-configuration xml. Then we find another fonts "Symbola" which supports
latest Unicode 9.0. But issue is even we set it in configuration as well as
xsl file the font-family, it gives another error for "Mismatch:
page-sequence (http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Format) vs. root (
Soon, we recognise this issue comes when there are lot of exception occured
and main exception swallowed by another one.
Now the actual question is whole story goes fine when we use only english
characters or characters till Unicode 4.0 supported. Issue occured only
when we use characters above Unicode 4.0, though Symbola supports Unicode
9.0. Also helps me to understand how to solve "Mismatch : page-sequence"

Thanks & Regards
Shashwat Mehta

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