On 2018-06-23 Jan Tosovsky wrote:
> is there any relation of RendererOptions to the FOP user config?
> Looking into the related code RendererOptions seems to be initialized as
> empty map, which can be later used as a temporary storage. I can't see any
> relation to the config.
> So if some feature is activated based on RendererOptions, does it mean it
> cannot be activated by config?
> How can then I activate "overpaint-table-borders" without writing custom
> FOP wrapper?

I'd like to refresh this topic related to 

That feature is activated by a dedicated RendererOptions entry. This can be
done via code, but AFAIK not via config. It means it cannot be used when
calling FOP from cmdline. And it is also difficult to test.

Do I understand it correctly?



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