On 2019-01-23 Jan Tosovsky wrote:
> On 2018-06-23 Jan Tosovsky wrote:
> >
> > is there any relation of RendererOptions to the FOP user config?
> > Looking into the related code RendererOptions seems to be initialized 
> > as an empty map, which can be later used as a temporary storage. 
> > I can't see any relation to the config.
> >
> > So if some feature is activated based on RendererOptions, does it mean
> > cannot be activated by config?
> >
> > How can then I activate "overpaint-table-borders" without writing custom
> > FOP wrapper?
> I'd like to refresh this topic related to
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FOP-2536
> That feature is activated by a dedicated RendererOptions entry. This can
> done via code, but AFAIK not via config. It means it cannot be used when
> calling FOP from cmdline. And it is also difficult to test.

I've inspected the commandline parsing code and I can answer myself: Some
commandline options are put into RendererOptions map, e.g.
            } else if (args[i].equals("-a")) {

So RendererOptions are not related to the config. They can, however,
override some config values.


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