On 09 Jul 2001 07:40:25 +0200, Erik Rehrmann wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have to know if it is possible to calculate the content of the
> left page in dependence on the contents of the right page.
> We have to print a book consisting of a paragraph-like left side
> content and a right side which describes the single paragraphs
> of the left side. The size of the description on the right side
> can have 3 lines up to 3 pages.  And here is the problem: There
> must only as many paragraphs on the left side as can be described
> on the right side. If a description exceeds one page, the next
> left page has to be empty.
> Is this possible with FOP, maybe by render the right side counting
> the descriptive parts and then inserting the paragraph page
> before? If so, how has the XML file to look like?

I'm replying to this messaging for two purposes:

1. Recognize that I did receive this message, if that makes someone
happy :) .  (This is the original "Page (re)calculation" message, not
the repost.)

2. Wow!  You are doing that with FOP?

And here's my question to all the 'fop-users': How are you using FOP?

I'm using it (plan to, pending approval and load testing, etc., etc.,)
in an servlet environment where a DTD, a XSLT stylesheet, and a simple
API is provided so that any servlet can call a few line of code to
generate a PDF stream, which they send to the browser for printing:

DocGen dg = new DocGen();
byte[] ba = dg.genDoc("<doc><h1>Title</h1><p>Testing, 1, 2, 3,
...</p></doc>", DocGen.GEN_PDF);

Weiqi Gao

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