It looks good...I just now took a look. I guess we should be feeding you 
more stuff; this is a valuable resource.

Arved Sandstrom

At 01:10 PM 7/10/01 +0100, Alex McLintock wrote:
>Hi Folks, 
>This is a reminder that I have been slowly putting together a FOP FAQ
which can be found at
>This is a java servlet system which I hope to have time to improve in the
coming weeks.
>(Assuming I find somewhere to live in London on very short notice)
>New questions and answers are welcome - but please remember that if you
are just
>asking a question then this mailing list is probably the best place to do it.
>My final apology is that if you are behind a particularly paranoid
firewall you wont be able to
>see this website - it is running off a non-standard port. If you are
affected in this way then
>feel free to email me and remind me to change it to a more normal setup.

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